You’re a 21st-century woman. Mature, confident, an expert in your field, a professional multi-tasker. A full-time mother or career woman or both.

You have it all, but an inner turmoil drags you down in a constant muddle, leaving you restless, confused, stressed. Or unexpected life changes and traumas disrupt your world, causing the perfect life you’ve built to crumble.

But you don’t have to despair. Whatever your circumstances, you can learn to handle whatever life throws your way.

I know. Five years ago, I was 46 and in a managerial position at a top company working with wonderful people. But I felt empty. My life’s calling was something else entirely, but what was it? And how to start over? I was utterly lost, afraid of making mistakes, and undecided on which direction to choose until life decided for me.

I was diagnosed with Stage III Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

So here I am post chemotherapies, relapse, and bone marrow transplant, leukemia-free. With more clarity, more focus, and more resilience than ever before.

How did I do it?

I didn’t suddenly have an epiphany when disaster struck. My personal growth was a slow, ongoing process with some ah-ha moments thrown in. Between multiple chemos and convalescence periods, I had a lot of time on my hands. Time to think, self-reflect, research, experiment (on myself), and move forward. All the while, I wrestled with the daily anxiety of death looming over me.

But you don’t have to balance on the brink of doom to learn mental clarity and personal stability. Because life’s daily demands are enough to suck the bliss right out of anyone.

So finding steady ground is definitely achievable no matter your situation!

This is why I’m on a mission to help you reach the same clarity and focus to deal with life’s never-ending challenges while avoiding the usual drama, stress, and, above all, online gibberish (believe me, I’ve read a LOT of that, too).

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In the meantime, I’m sending much love, light, and grace your way,



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